Update September 2019

The past year has been relatively quiet on the 101 New York Mill Dog Rescue front. We have had a few contacts with Marjorie Ingraham through third parties. At this time, it appears that there are still six Keeshonden who remain imprisoned in filth and squalor at the Harpursville, New York kennels.


Some information indicated that the dogs were not able to be examined, their coats were not in good condition, and the kennels were not adequate. No


Detective Leon Brown of the Broome County Sheriff’s office made a routine visit to the kennel during one of the frigid cold snaps. He reported that the dogs were “fine.” As we know from past experience, “fine” means they are alive.


Based upon other contacts, it appears that there have not been any new litters born recently; however, Marjorie has indicated that she would still like to breed more puppies. She has been unwilling to accept the private offers for sale of the remaining Keeshonden in her kennel. We continue to work every angle that will free all Keeshonden from Marjorie’s Kennel.


In January 2018, two Keeshonden were recovered. Both of these Kees went to OSSVH in Maryland for initial veterinary care, then went into foster care. Both are doing well. JJ, the male, has a fused luxation which cannot be surgically repaired. His pain is being medically managed. Abigail, the female, was in reasonably good health. Both of these Kees are being adopted by their foster parents. JJ has become the unofficial greeter in his retirement neighborhood. His daily walks allow him to meet and greet neighbors, grandchildren and other canines. He’s become quite the local celebrity. Abby has already earned her AKC Trick Dog Novice title and is starting fun agility classes. These two wasted no time in embracing their wonderful new lives.


Since we began the effort to rescue all of the Keeshonden from Marjorie’s Kennel in 2013, we have identified 118 Keeshonden that have been delivered by our efforts or have been adopted through other sources. Most of these Kees have done extremely well in their new homes in spite of any physical limitations, health issues or emotional trauma. Sadly, eight of those 116 have now passed: Kenzie, Dave, Noelle, Nell, Benjamin Button, Gina, Kassidy and Kira. However, we rejoice in knowing that every one of them was lovingly cared for and knew the joys of hearth and home. Without our efforts, they would have died alone and unloved as so many others before them have done in the squalid cages in Harpursville.


Many of the other 101’s are thriving and bringing joy to people throughout the United States and Canada. Reggie, along with his mentor Kees, Kallie, continue to serve their community as therapy dogs. They also rack up new titles with increasingly more sophisticated tricks! Reggie has also received his AKC Canine Conditioning title and continues to work on advanced titles! Stella is mentoring her new little Kees sister, Summer, as they pursue their Obedience activities. Stella has been invited to participate in the AKC Obedience National in Orlando in December 2019! Jules also continues to enjoy his Obedience work. Sherman has resumed his therapy duties after a successful surgery to repair his patella. Vreede continues to shine in her therapy work, as well. Sebastian has recently passed his Crisis Response certification! Peter Bear, one of Pandora’s puppies (the first puppies born in freedom immediately after we rescued them in 2016) has passed advanced training as a Canis Minor in National Crisis response and has received his therapy certifcation. Brady, who initially had aggression issues, has worked diligently to overcome his fears and is making wonderful progress. Pandora traveled the United States with her foster mom and now lives in her forever home in California, where she is a wonderful Keeshond ambassador. Solomon, Cubby and Keisha recently hosted their booth at the Ithaca Dog Festival. They were assisted by numerous Keeshonden from the area. They were a prime attraction at the festival! As you can see by our headlines, Kasey has just been voted the World's Cutest Rescue Dog for 2019!


These are just glimpses into the wonderful lives that the 101’s now enjoy, all made possible by God’s grace and the dedication of our worldwide Keeshond community. We can all be thankful to be a part of this wonderful saga. It has been a long road, and we are not finished with the journey, but every step we take is worth the effort.


Dee Wingfield