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Update October 2022

The Keeshonden from Marjorie’s Kennel in Harpursville, New York, the 101’s, continue to thrive in their adoptive homes. We are now in the tenth year since beginning the rescue of more than 101 Keeshonden in October 2013, and we are hopeful that very few, if any, Kees remain with Marjorie.

Over the past couple of years, we have had three eyewitness visits to the kennels in Harpursville. In each of the three reports, no dogs were seen or heard in the kennels, in the garage, or the basement. One of these visitors had a very close view of the outside kennels and the garage and was able to see the basement door. That visitor was near enough to believe that if dogs had been in the basement, they would have been heard. There has never been an instance since we began our rescue where no dogs were seen in the outside kennels. This leads us to hope that all of the dogs may have found new homes.

We believe that some of the dogs were younger, but a couple were older, so the possibility that the older ones passed away is realistic.

We received information from a member of the Broome County government that Marjorie has had additional health issues. He stated that one of Marjorie’s sons was caring for the dogs and that they were “okay.” His statement was vague. I conjecture that the dogs may have been placed through the Broome County Humane Society and Marjorie simply doesn’t know. She may believe her son is caring for them. Based upon the history of dislike of the dogs by both of Marjorie’s sons, it is doubtful either of them would take the dogs to their own homes. Indeed, one of them purportedly lives in an apartment, so that negates such a possibility. Again, this is conjecture on my part, but I continue to try to confirm where the dogs may be.

Marjorie, via telephone, has stated to a previous puppy buyer that she does still have five Keeshonden in the kennels. It’s confusing since we have conflicting information. I hope at some point to be able to verify the whereabouts of the remaining dogs.

​We have lost several more of the 101’s over the past years: We remember each one who has passed since we began our rescue: Kenzie, Dave, Noelle, Nell, Benjamin Button, Gina, Kassie, Kira, Honor FL, Gabby, Brontë, Keisha, JJ, Zac, Lily, Cleopatra, Amy, Greta, Shady, Georgie, Princess, Sophee, Christian, Joe, Jules, and Luna.

The names of each of the dogs rescued through our efforts since October 2013 are: Abigail, Alvin, Amy, Audra, Bear, Benjamin Button, Bentley, Bitsy, Blackjack, Brady, Bram, Brock, Brontë, Casper, Cassie, Charlie, Charlotte, Chloe, Christian, Cinders, Cindy, Cleopatra, Cubby, Dave, Diva, Dolly, Evie, Foxy, Fozzie, Franklin, Freyja, Gabby, Gambit, Georgie, Gina, Gracie Lulu, Greta, Gretchen, Hagrid, Hollee, Holly, Honor CA, Honor FL, Hope, Houdini, Humphrey, Isabelle, Jack, Jax 1, Jax 2, JJ, Joe, Joop, Josie, Joy, Jules, Kacy, Kaiba, Kandi, Kanuck, Karla, Kasey CANADA, Kasey NJ, Kassidy, Keeshko, Keisha, Kenzie, Kira, Kirby, Kody, Kringle, Leiden, Lewis IA, Lewis WA, Liefde, Lilly, Lily, Luna, Maestro, Margo, Maverick, Mishka, Mollee, Monkey, Nell, Noelle, Pandora, Patti Cakes, Penelope, Pepper, Percival, Peter Bear, Princess, Princess Grace, Rascal, Rebel, Reggie, Sapphire, Sebastian, Shady, Sherman, Silver, Solomon, Sophee, Stella, Sunny, Tasha, Teesha, Tessa FL, Tessa MA, Theo, Thor, Toby, Traveller, Tucker, Vreede, Willem, Zac, and Zanna.

I will continue to do my best to ascertain the situation for any Kees who may remain with Marjorie Ingraham.

I remain eternally grateful for the tremendous support these Keeshonden have received from Kees lovers around the world. I can attest that they are wonderful and well worth all of the time, energy, funding, and prayers that we have expended on their behalf. God has blessed us with the 101’s and with each other! To Him be the glory! — Dee Wingfield

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