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Since October 2013, Keeshond fanciers have rescued 101 Keeshonden from Marjorie's Kennel in Harpursville, New York. The latest release of 33 Keeshonden comes after another of several complaints was filed. Broome County Sheriff's Detective Leon Brown visited the kennel and persuaded Ms. Ingraham to release a total of 41 dogs. Thirty-three of those dogs are Keeshonden; eight are American Eskimos. This site is created to be a source of information for rescuers, generous donors, and those simply seeking more details and updates.


Generous Donations From Clubs
• Nor-Cal Keeshond Club $500
• Pacific Crest Keeshond Club - $427
• Keeshond Club of Delaware Valley - $50
• Keeshond Club of Southern California - $520
• Keeshond Club of America - $16,000
• Keeshond Club of Canada - $1000
• Great Lakes Keeshond Club - $200
• Rocky Mountain Keeshond Club - $500.00
• Keeshond Fanciers of the Central States - $500.00
• Buckeye Keeshond Club - $500.00
• Capital Keeshond Club - $500.00
• Sandalfoot Keeshond Club - $107.24

Generous Donations From Vendors and Members
• KeeshondWorld
• Pure Paws
• Jodi Lasky received 50 Thundershirts and supplies from her local Petco
• Desiree Riemersma-Soentjens secured another 25 Thundershirts from the company!
• Foster and Smith has agreed to donate some supplies; we have faxed information to them. Michelle Berard-Weibel is involved with pickup/shipping.
• White Pine Outfitters has given a fabulous discount for 50 White Pine Soft Slip Collars and donated an additional 5 collars.
• Patti Willett crocheting dog blankets

• Jessie Bauman crocheting dog blankets

• Laurie Lawver making dog blankets
• Doris Meadowcroft 45 slip leads from
• Sandra Schmitz dog crates
• Heather Myers donated 10 dog crates, which were picked up and delivered by Joanna Loucky-Ramsey 
• Deb Brandes donated 10 crate pads
• Helene Cleckley and Betty Morris donated 50 blankies
• Karen and John Oravis have donated dog food and treats in memory of sweet, dear Tolly.
• Sandra Rose and Helene Cleckley donated blankets and harnesses.
• Crow Jewelers, Inc. donated $300 from the LIKE CROW JEWELERS Facebook campaign!
• Denise Sharp has fostered 2 Kees, Comet and Blitzen, at the vet clinic she manages. She's also been able to procure a number of donations from her vendors and suppliers! Denise is our Obi-Wan vet clinic social worker! OSSVH has given tremendous care and extraordinary discounts for 101's boarded at their clinic.

May 2020 Financial Statement

Funding collection: PayPal to

Checks to Keeshond Rescuers, PO Box 268, Bena, VA 23018

Note for Free the Kees

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