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Keeshond Stuffed Animals: Donations Made To 101 Keeshonden

I am taking orders for Keeshond animals now. The smaller dog (8") on the left will be priced at $35 USD + shipping. Shipping will be through USPS Priority Mail. In the US, it is approximately $6. The medium dog (12") will be priced at $45 USD + shipping. Shipping in the US is approximately $7. Canadian shipping at the best rate looks to be $10 and $11 respectively. The large dog (16") will be priced at $55 USD + shipping. Shipping in the US is approximately $8 in the US and $12 in Canada. The sitting Keeshond on the right will be priced at $40 USD and will cost $6 to ship in the US and $10 to ship in Canada. For shipping elsewhere internationally, I will probably need to take a shipping "deposit" until I have a better idea of what costs will be. I am donating a portion of the proceeds of ALL stuffed animals to 101 Keeshond Rescue initially, and Chesapeake Keeshond Rescue when our 101 rescue is complete/goals are reached. Previously my plan was to donate proceeds from slippers, but since the slippers are so much more labor intensive, I am going to donate from the stuffed animals instead to try to keep slipper costs down.


For more photos, go here: ttps://

To order, please message which animal you are interested in (Small, Medium, Large, or Sitting), the quantity of each, and your mailing address and we will arrange for payment preferably through PayPal.

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