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Stephanie Staples Babbitt's Story of Nell

GET A LOAD OF THIS! Just got this photo from Nell's mom. This is the dog that was terrified of hands, that I could only touch if I caught her and picked her up first. Joan says that Nell still gets creepy about hands when the people are standing up, but she's gotten where she demands pets right along with the pack during "floor time." I seriously almost can't believe this is the same dog that left my house a couple of weeks ago. She's making daily progress. This is a perfect example of how these tormented, terrified pups can become loving and beloved pets in an astonishingly short period of time, given the chance. So sad to think that if Nell had not been chosen to leave the mill, she'd be dead now and would never have gotten to enjoy this life. Let's keep working to get the rest out!

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