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Linda Crow's Story of Cleopatra

I'm sharing a picture that I took of Cleopatra 8 hours after I picked her up in North Carolina. Our sweet foster girl was filthy, smelled horrible, had many sores & open wounds all over her body, extremely long toenails & she was terrified of everyone & everything, except for her fellow travel companions, Kenzie & Sunny. The girls were 3 of the lucky 61 that have been rescued from Marjorie's Kennel in NY. 40 more dogs are still trapped at this terrible Puppy Mill which has been named in the Humane Society of the USA's List of 100 Worst Puppy Mills in Our Nation. Please SIGN this petition. Please SHARE this post to your fb wall so your friends & family can SIGN too. This awful place must be shut down so we can rescue ALL of the remaining 40 dogs still being neglected & abused! *My fb album "Cleo(patra)" has 78 photos that show her progress from NY to NC, SC & GA and then our trip thru TN, KY & OH to her Forever Home in MI. with - Robin Benore Parramore Wallace Please Help to ‪#‎FREETHEKEES‬ SIGN the online petition at

By the way, Linda has a wonderful family-owned jewelry store in the Atlanta area. They have held several promotions and give-aways to support Keeshond rescue. To learn more, visit their page here.

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