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Duke is Going HOME

Duke was one of the first Keeshonden released from the Mill. He went to a foster home in NY State for rehabilitation, but he was not showing improvement due to an agressive dog in the home. He was also not receiving proper medical care by his foster. It was determined that the best thing for Duke would be to go to another foster home where he could thrive the same way many of the other released dogs have. After agreeing that this was the best thing for Duke, the foster parent had a change of mind and refused to return him, despite not being the owner of the dog. Rescue was forced to spend time, effort, and money that could have gone toward the healthcare of the other dogs to retrieve Duke. As of this morning, he HAS been legally recovered and is going to his new home, with Gregg and Karen Buddenhagen with assistance from Leslie Vail Pileggi.

Thank you ALL for your efforts in rescuing Duke TWO TIMES! :)

The vet report (from memory, so this may not be exactly right): Roundworms, small dog bites all over, sensitive ear from bite or infection (not sure), kidney values are off, maybe from dehydration (not having access to enough water), thin (31 lbs. which is down more than 2 lbs. from his mill weight), muscles are atrophied. Ran CBC and most values are OK. Fur is coarse and brittle.

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