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What This Cold Does to Kees at Marjorie's Kennel: Frostbite!

Sherman now happily resides in the Great Northwest living in a loving home where he spends quality time with his parents, siblings, and local community. Life was not always this good for Sherman. Until last winter, he lived in the outdoor cages at Marjorie's kennel in Harpursville, NY where temperatures get well below freezing. When he was rescued, he had a toe severely damaged by frostbite that the vet determined needed to be removed. We need to get the rest of the Keeshonden out of Marjorie's Kennel so that they can be properly cared for and so they can live happy lives with people, as this breed is meant to do.

From Dee: Per Sue McDonough of NYSHA, we should be calling Assemblyman Bill McGee, of Ag and Markets Committee. He is preventing the animal cruelty laws from being placed in the NY state penal code section so that law enforcement officers will be required to know what those laws are. Please call 315-361-4125 to ask Assemblyman McGee to allow those laws to be placed into the penal section of the NY laws. Law enforcement officers need training in animal cruelty laws, which they are not currently getting. Call now.

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