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2018 Update

A recent report from Broome County continues to reaffirm that there are no young puppies known to be with Marjorie at this time. No puppy ads have been seen for a couple of years. No phone calls have indicated that puppies are available. In this recent report, a 9-year-old and two 2-year-old female Kees were observed. All 3 were reported to be matted and skittish. The kennels were said to be unheated.

A few months ago, a total of 4 Keeshonden were seen in the kennels, but a phone report indicated that there were 6 Kees remaining.

We continue to pray daily for all of the Kees at Marjorie's and do our best to find any opening to rescue every Keeshond at the kennel. By God's grace, I pray it will be soon.

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