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How to Treat Your Pets to a Life of Luxury

Casper, courtesy of Jos Duijvestein

Are you a pet parent with some disposable income? Consider giving your pup a luxurious life! Few things are more rewarding than treating our pets to treats, toys, and high-quality food. After all, pets enrich our lives with companionship, unconditional love, and endless joy. Your pet deserves a little luxury, especially if they came from a rescue group like Suncoast Keeshond Rescue. Here are some great ways to spoil your pets!

Manage Your Personal Stress Levels

Did you know that feelings of stress and anxiety can rub off on your pets? If you work a stressful job and frequently feel tense, your pet might start experiencing anxiety as well. Help your pet enjoy a calm and happy life by managing your work-related stress. If your job keeps you away from home a lot, consider working from home once in a while and saying no to late nights at the office. Not only is this a great way to relieve separation anxiety in your dog, but it can also reduce your work stress and help you live a happier life!

Splurge for High-Quality Shampoo

When it’s time to bathe your dog, spend a little extra on high-quality shampoo. Look for shampoos with ingredients that won’t irritate your dog’s skin. Some great-smelling shampoos are formulated for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies, so they can help prevent itching and keep your dog’s coat healthy. Be sure to pick up a moisturizing shampoo if your dog’s skin is particularly dry.

Feed Your Dog Fresh Food

While most dogs will eat dry dog food with little complaint, feeding your pet a fresh diet can offer several health benefits. According to the American Kennel Club, diets rich in natural, real ingredients like lean protein and vegetables can promote heart health, improve eyesight, and support the digestive system. Consider signing up for a fresh dog food delivery service that works with canine nutritionists and develops recipes specially formulated to meet your dog’s specific needs.

Build a Cozy Den

Does your dog like to hang out under the bed? Dogs enjoy the comfort of relaxing and sleeping in a den-like environment. Create a cozy sleeping area for your dog that reflects their need for their own sanctuary! An enclosed dog bed will give your dog a sense of security when they’re feeling stressed or tired and will help your furry friend feel safer in your home. Make sure your dog has room to stand up and stretch or lie down in the den. Ideally, it should be closed on three sides and have a roof just tall enough for your dog to sit and stand comfortably.

Book a Pet Hotel

When you have to leave your dog to travel out of town, consider booking them into a pet hotel! Unlike boarding kennels, pet hotels will offer your pet their own private room, which can ease your pet’s anxiety about spending time in an unfamiliar place. Pet hotels often include luxury amenities like memory foam beds, outdoor space, and freshly cooked meals. Some pet hotels also offer salon and spa services to give your pup an extra taste of luxury during their stay.

Plan Weekly Outings

Beyond your daily walks with your pup, try to plan an exciting outing at least once a week so your dog can explore somewhere new. Rocky Mountain Dog explains that embarking on outdoor adventures in unfamiliar areas is a great form of mental and physical exercise for your dog. Plus, these outings are great opportunities to bond with your pet!

If you want to show your dog how much they mean to you, treat them to some luxury! Purchase high-quality shampoo, take steps to relieve your own work stress, invest in fresh food, and book your dog into a pet hotel when you need to travel. Your furry friend will appreciate everything you do to make their life exciting and comfortable.

Do you love pets? Consider volunteering with Suncoast Keeshond Rescue to spread awareness of NYS Animal Cruelty Laws and encourage the enforcement of animal cruelty cases.

Author - Cindy Aldridge

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